“Now I’ll also tell you about the swayambhu things that come out of Mother Earth. You see the Mother Earth sends out certain forms above Her being for you people to see that there are vibrations. To work out Her spiritual thing by which She makes the spirituality emit among you, by which She guides you, by which She creates a nucleus for you to worship and this work She does in a very honest manner. But when such a swayambhu – things comes out, you can’t understand why people are attracted to it. So then you become a sort of, in charge of that thing. Then you want to make artificial images of that, it’s human nature, to make everything that you see real, make it artificial. And that goes on and on and on, till human beings themselves become so identified with their artificiality that they don’t understand what reality is. In reality whatever you are, you are the highest. You are the highest epitome of all the creatures. Even the thing that comes out of the Mother Earth cannot do the work that you can.”

Puja in Adelaide (Australia), 4 March 1993