Scientific Research on Sahaja Yoga

Science and spirituality have traditionally been placed in worlds apart. However, both fields can now be integrated as new research in neuroscience demonstrate how self-realization and the opening of Sahasrara have transformed human consciousness and certain physical aspects of the brain.

Scientific research on Sahaja Yoga meditation can provide a lever to improve and complement the way Sahaja Yoga is being spread and communicated. Our Holy Mother, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, has given us recommendations in relation to the development of such research in several fields including medical sciences, experimental sciences, physical sciences, human sciences and management.

Our next webinar is organised on 16 and 30 June, 6pm CET, and starts with offering our tributes to our Holy Mother followed by a collective meditation on Her divine words that are our eternal treasure and infinite resource for all matters on science and life. This will be followed by a presentation by our dear brother Sergio Elías Hernández, Professor at University of La Laguna Tenerife, Spain, where he conducts research on the topic of meditation and neuroscience.

In his presentation, Sergio will explain how the thoughtless awareness state improves different heath parameters and in particular the level of grey matter in the brain. His presentation will also include the following subjects:

  • The growing scientific interest on the effects of meditation practices
  • Research and evidence on the impact of Sahaja Yoga meditation on the brain

After the first session, yogis are invited to read more about the subject following Sergio‘s recommendations. The second session starts with a presentation of quotes by Shri Mataji about the brain and effects of SY meditation followed by a question and answer session.

Other resources: Dr. Katya Rubia is Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience and has carried out medical research into health benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation.