Cool Hands Workshop

The Cool Hands workshop is a journey of self-discovery and self-discipline to improve our inner state and connection with our beloved Mother. The main aim is to become Her pure and efficient instrument at the service of Paramchaitanya, to do the Divine work that we were born for: to be realized and to realize humanity. As a vital first step, we need both our hands full of the cool vibrations of our Holy Mother’s divine love to be able to bring this to all the seekers of the truth.

Understanding Islam

The Muslim world has moved into the most complex phase of its history, a highly decisive phase that questions the very future and existence of Islam. It is a three-fold crisis, putting into question the understanding, practice and representation of Islam.​

Holy Places on Mother Earth

Mother Earth has created certain forms above Her being for people to see that there are vibrations. In this presentation you will learn about these special places as explained by Shri Mataji.



Our programs in preparation of Paramchaitanya Puja include meditation, music and magnificent presentations with the purpose of celebrating the glory of our Divine Mother and Her immense and powerful energy of Paramchaitanya. We most ardently desire that our Sahaj community can collectively surrender all our conditionings and human thoughts at the Holy Lotus feet of the Adi Shakti and pray for Her guidance, as the savior of humanity and the source of oneness and global Sahaj unity.

The vision of William Blake

Here you can find Shri Mataji talks about the great realized soul William Blake.

Time and Present Moment

Welcome to the heaven of the present moment