Our programs in preparation of Paramchaitanya Puja include meditation, music and magnificent presentations with the purpose of celebrating the glory of our Divine Mother and Her immense and powerful energy of Paramchaitanya. We most ardently desire that our Sahaj community can collectively surrender all our conditionings and human thoughts at the Holy Lotus feet of the Adi Shakti and pray for Her guidance, as the savior of humanity and the source of oneness and global Sahaj unity.  

The Paramchaitanya Puja is the First puja of the year carrying us forward to the Shivaratri Puja and the Birthday Puja within a month and the most auspicious moment for remembering our Mother’s work and surrendering to Her power of Gods love. The aim of these programs is to express the infinite beauty of the different manifestation of Paramchaitanya and to realize the absolute blessing given by our Mother of allowing us the feel the guiding presence of Paramchaitanya in our lives.